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Attraction: Like Butterflies on Scat

Posted on by Kathie Fife

When we think of butterflies, we envision them on beautiful flowers in our gardens, or on wildflowers in meadows bursting with a rainbow of color. We think of butterflies as pure, clean, delicate, feminine-like critters. But, butterflies are also attracted to minerals in scat, much as they are attracted to the nectar in flowers. The […]

Photographing Rare and Endangered Species

Posted on by Kathie Fife

In today’s (June 13, 2013) Sunday paper, The Nashua Telegraph photo editor and writer, Don Himsel created a great story about my work photographing the rare and endangered flora and fauna of NH.  More specifically, the story focused on the state butterfly, the karner blue. I’m so happy with this story because Don Himsel created the […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Posted on by Kathie Fife

Happy Mother’s Day to every Mom! This is image was captured early May in New Hampshire.  The wildflower is called Squirrel Corn (Dicentra canadensis).  It is a native wildflower and has historically been considered rare in New Hampshire. It is a spring ephemeral, which means all the leaves and flowers die shortly after it flowers […]