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Cruising the Wild Informational Highways

Posted on by Kathie Fife

The woods are an informational highway. Tune in! There are fascinating stories to be shared. Mid January, and this is my first adventure out into the woods. The conditions have been very cold and with just a few inches of snow, and the top layer of thick ice making it crunchy and very cumbersome for […]

Wildlife Tracking: Saying Goodbye to the Snowshoe Hare

Posted on by Kathie Fife

It has been the best winter for tracking. And I think I may be all alone in this sentiment, but honestly, I am going to miss winter. Snowshoe Hare tracks in snow – the last documentation Yes, it was very cold and icy, but we also had great snowfalls, mostly light and fluffy. Shortly after the […]

Wildlife Tracking: The Elusive Bobcat

Posted on by Kathie Fife

Just a few days ago I crossed paths with the tracks of the snowshoe hare.  It was a nice surprise to see that a bobcat had traveled through the same area within the last 24 hours.               Bobcat tracks in the snow I followed the tracks for a short distance wondering if I would find […]