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Cruising the Wild Informational Highways

Posted on by Kathie Fife

The woods are an informational highway. Tune in! There are fascinating stories to be shared. Mid January, and this is my first adventure out into the woods. The conditions have been very cold and with just a few inches of snow, and the top layer of thick ice making it crunchy and very cumbersome for […]

Attraction: Like Butterflies on Scat

Posted on by Kathie Fife

When we think of butterflies, we envision them on beautiful flowers in our gardens, or on wildflowers in meadows bursting with a rainbow of color. We think of butterflies as pure, clean, delicate, feminine-like critters. But, butterflies are also attracted to minerals in scat, much as they are attracted to the nectar in flowers. The […]

Winter Wildlife Tracking: Coyote in Estrus

Posted on by Kathie Fife

For most of the winter I have seen the coyote tracks during my walks. The coyote is a female, here she is marking in the same location she has all winter. Now in estrus, blood stains the snow with her urine. As always, please be mindful and respectful to property and wildlife. All content including […]