Happy Mother’s Day

Posted on by Kathie Fife
White Bleeding Heart

       A Mother’s Love is Pure and Unconditional  —                Happy Mother’s Day from Kathie Fife Photography

Happy Mother’s Day to every Mom!

This is image was captured early May in New Hampshire.  The wildflower is called Squirrel Corn (Dicentra canadensis).  It is a native wildflower and has historically been considered rare in New Hampshire.

It is a spring ephemeral, which means all the leaves and flowers die shortly after it flowers in early spring, and will not grow again until the following spring.  The roots look like little pieces of corn, hence it’s common name squirrel corn.  It is up for debate whether squirrels really do like it.

Squirrel Corn (Dicentra candadensis) grows in rich mesic soils, with a dominant forest canopy of sugar maple and ash.  It grows with other early blooming spring wildflowers including Dutchman’s Breeches, Spring Beauty, Trout Lily, Wild Leeks or Ramps, Hepatica, Trillium, Yellow Violet, Maidenhair Fern, and Wild Ginger.


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