The Best of 2014

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The other day I was going through my catalog of photographs and all the projects I have completed through 2014.  It was a very good year and it was a lot of fun reminiscing about the days I was out shooting for specific projects.  I created a video highlighting a broad mix of my work in fine art, commercial, and documentary work.  I’m excited about collaborating with the amazing talent of Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki to create this video with his music.

Kathie Fife Photography on Vimeo music by Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki.

Highlight of 2014

Feature Story in New Hampshire Magazine – “The Allure of Black Ice”
NH State Visitor’s Guide 2014/2015
Constant Contact All Star Award for Marketing
Limited Edition 1,000 Piece Puzzle – Shaker Village
NH Audubon Exhibit and my new book “Nature Journal: Exploring the NH Audubon Wildlife Sanctuaries”

Working with clients and customers to create art that you enjoy!
Thank  you for your amazing support!!

What’s ahead for 2015?

View from Bald Mt Antrim NH

View from the summit of Bald Mountain, Willard Pond Wildlife Santuary, Antrim, NH.

My goals are to focus on specific projects and let go of the excessive creative clutter. Although I love creating a mix of media, because it often helps to let go of some of the stress of daily things, I feel like this is the year to really delve into big projects and let go of the smaller ones for awhile.  I’m excited about the possibilities and sharing that process with you.

Thank you for following along and supporting me on this creative journey.

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